Frequently Asked Questions About Heating Oil Underground StorageTanks

Q1. What is an Underground Storage Tank (UST) System?

Q2. What is a hazardous substance?

Q3. Is there money available to help me meet the 1998 upgrade deadline?

Q4.Is there money available for remediation?

Q5. Is my oil water separator regulated?

Q6. Is my heating oil UST regulated?

Q7. Who do I call if my UST is leaking?

Q8. What is "Risk Based Corrective Action?"

Q9. Does New Jersey allow the use of a "Risk Based Corrective Action?"

Q10. Do I have to remove my UST?

Q11. Do I have to be certified to do UST work?

Q12. Can I get a list of all the underground storage tanks in New Jersey?

Q13. Can I get a list of all the leaking underground storage tanks in New Jersey?

Q14. How do I find out who is assigned to my leaking underground storage tank case?

Q15. What can I do if I disagree with my case manager?

Q16. How can I find out the status of a leaking underground storage tank case?

Q17. What is the BUST Cooperative Venture Program?

Q18. As an individual, can I participate in the Cooperative Venture Program?

Q19. How do I know if an individual or firm is certified to do work at my UST site?

Q20. How do I inquire about or obtain a list of laboratories certified by the State of New Jersey?

Q21. How can I find out when the next regulatory refresher class (commonly referred to as the UST certification course) is, and when do I need to take it?

Our personnel and technical expertise includes the following areas:

  • Site Remediation
  • Underground Storage Tank Closure
  • LSRP Services
  • Phase I & II ESA
  • Environmental Transaction Screen
  • Asbestos Investigations
  • OSHA compliance for Manufacturing Industries
  • EHS Planning and Compliance
  • Annual Permitting & Reporting
  • Asbestos Investigations

Our personnel have the following certifications:

  • OSHA 40 Hours Hazardous Waste Operators Training
  • OSHA 8 Hours Supervisory Training
  • Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Certified Inspector
  • UST Closure & Subsurface Evaluation
  • Licensed Site Remediation Professional
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Manager